The contract is a legal agreement that is binding. It can be oral as well as in written form. And the contract is generally signed by both the parties. Contracts are the foundation stone in the world of business.

It can be in simple or complex form. There are different forms of contracts, such as sales agreement, real estate purchase, employment contract, insurance contract, and confidential agreement.

Our Justice For You firm has experience drafting, negotiating, and reviewing all types of contracts, whether commercial or private. We have experience with contracts involving sales, leases, real estate, and personal services.

An experienced lawyer can help you avoid future legal problems through proper drafting and explaining your contractual rights and duties.

Our approach and goals are set keeping in view the end / desired result in our client’s mind. Our team always discuss the consequences which can arise during the litigation and also the replications.

We, the lawyers at Justice for You, handle complex property disputes in District Courts, High Courts and Supreme Court of India and have assisted our clients in negotiating and legally drafting different contracts.

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